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ALTERNATE balcony power station 800 Watt bifacial (without bracket)

ALTERNATE balcony power station 800 Watt bifacial (without bracket)

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  • Perfect for DIY enthusiasts
  • Bifacial glass modules
  • 800 watt inverter - permitted since April 26, 2024
  • Full Black Design
  • Yield monitoring via Ostrom app

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Product description

This balcony power station set from Alternate is ideal for beginners and DIY enthusiasts who want to generate their own solar power. This set is simply plugged into the socket so that the electricity flows into the house and the electricity meter runs slower. It contains all the necessary components for commissioning.

The Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T Wi-Fi-enabled micro inverter has an integrated industrial-grade Wi-Fi module that enables seamless access to real-time PV data. The smartphone can be connected directly to the micro inverter, and remote monitoring of the solar system is also possible through the S-Miles Cloud. The inverter can be connected directly to a power outlet using the included earthing contact adapter cable, without complicated wiring. The HMS-800W-2T 2-to-1 micro inverter with a rated output power of 800 VA offers reliable and long-lasting performance, easy installation, first-class quality and low failure rates. Thanks to the two independent MPPT and monitoring functions, the two solar modules can also be mounted in different orientations without any loss of performance.

The two MSMD435M10N-108BG solar modules from Munich Energy Products are suitable for roofs of residential and commercial buildings as well as for balcony power plants. The bifacial MSMD435M10N-108BG solar module is a double-glass module with 108 half-cut cells that offers a peak output of up to 435 watts and a module efficiency of 22.3%. These modules are characterized by their excellent performance and aesthetics and their completely black color means they blend in perfectly with the overall appearance of a building roof. The bifacial design allows sunlight to be used from all sides, resulting in a higher energy yield on the same area, even on cloudy or hot days. The MSMD TOPCon type n modules impress with their lower operating temperature and a lower temperature coefficient, which increases the power output. They also achieve higher performance in low light conditions, such as cloudy weather, in the morning and at sunset. The set does not include a mounting bracket for the solar panels and is therefore ideal for individual installation locations.

Technical details

Solar module

Type of cells:Monocrystalline Bifacial

Design: Black

Design: Half-Cut - 108 cells (6 x 18)

Power: 435 watts

Efficiency: 22.3%

Open circuit voltage: 39.3 volts

Short circuit current: 14.1 A

Nominal current MPP (Impp): 13.31 A

Voltage MPP (Umpp): 32.7 Volt

Temperature coefficient (Voc): -0.25 %/°C

Maximum system voltage DC: 1,500 volts

CertificationIEC 61215, IEC 61730

Width: 1,134 mm

Height: 30mm

Length: 1,724 mm

Weight: 22kg

Micro inverter

Type: Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T

Rated power: 800 watts

Input voltage: 16V-60V

Warranty: 12 year manufacturer warranty

Weight: 3.2 kg

Protection class (IP): IP67

Ambient temperature: -40°C - +65°C

Max. input current: 2x14A

Scope of delivery

1x Hoymiles micro inverter HMS-800W-2T (800 watts)

2x solar panels (435 watts each) from Munich Energy Products

1x connection cable

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The advantages at a glance

  • Plug & Play installation
  • Produce your own green electricity
  • Payback in 4-6 years
  • Significantly cheaper than large solar systems
  • Reduces your electricity costs

Let the sun work for you - in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Order

Order the balcony power plant from us in the Ostrom Store and it will be with you in 2-5 days.

If you are unsure, please contact us in our chat (the blue circle bottom right).

Step 2: Install

The ease of installation is one of the main advantages of balcony power plants. You can do it completely yourself and the included instructions show you step by step what you have to do.

For particularly easy installation, take a look at the set from WeDoSolar. Here you can find the WDS 640 Watt.

Step 3: Sign up

You must register your balcony power plant with the Federal Network Agency's market data register. In view of the Federal Government's new Solar Pact 1, the registration process has been greatly simplified and now only takes a few minutes.

Since April 26, 2024: Registration with your local network operator is NO LONGER necessary.

To register with the Market Data Register:

Step 4: Sit back and benefit

Congratulations, you did it! From now on you will produce green electricity and reduce your electricity costs at the same time. You can track production live via the app (manufacturer or Ostrom app*) and see at any time how much electricity your balcony power plant is producing.

Here are a few facts about how cool it is that you now own a balcony power plant:

Fact 1: A 400-watt balcony power plant replaces the electricity generation of approximately 400 kg of brown coal per year.

Fact 2: The production of your balcony power plant does produce CO2, but after just 1-2 years the CO2 emissions are offset by the green electricity generation of the balcony power plant and you produce 100% climate-neutral electricity.

Fact 3: In 3-5 years (or sooner if you receive a subsidy) your investment will have paid for itself and you will now receive free solar power.

*Currently only the balcony power plant sets from priwatt can be integrated into the Ostrom app.

Finally! Solar Package 1 is here.

No more registration with the network operator necessary

💪 You can now feed in 800 watts

Simplified registration in the market data register

🔢 Reverse-rotating meters (so-called bidirectional meters) are temporarily permitted

🔌 Schuko plug officially permitted

Integrate your balcony power plant into the Ostrom App

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Increase your own consumption!

If you integrate your balcony power plant into the Ostrom App, you can see at any time how much electricity you are currently generating. This allows you to adjust your consumption and set the times when you produce particularly large amounts of solar energy.

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