Solar & Batteries

Discover our solar & battery offer for the balcony, garden and camping trip. Produce cheap and climate-neutral electricity and reduce your electricity costs.

Finally! Solar Package 1 is here.

No more registration with the network operator necessary

💪 You can now feed in 800 watts

Simplified registration in the market data register

🔢 Counters that rotate backwards (so-called bidirectional counters) are temporarily permitted.

🔌 Schuko plug officially permitted.

Matching storage

You are guaranteed to use your own solar power when you need it - whether day or night.

Simple plug & play concept thanks to 2-in-1 battery and DC distributor allows a 5-minute installation for any DIY enthusiast.

To the storage

Mobile power supply

Perfect for your camping trip or as a power supply in the garden.

Integrate your balcony power plant into the Ostrom App!

In the Ostrom App you can not only integrate your smart thermostats, heat pump and wallbox, but also your solar system or balcony power plant.

Thanks to the integration, you can view your live production data in the Ostrom App at any time and thus increase your own consumption of the green electricity you produce yourself.

Find the right plug-in solar device for you!

How many watts does your solar module need?

Since April 26, 2024, your inverter can feed in up to 800 watts.

Solar panels only reach their full rated output in perfect conditions. Most of the time, however, the light is not perfect. With more powerful panels (over 800 watts), you can reach your inverter's maximum output of 800 watts more often, even when the light is not optimal. This means you are making the most of the solar energy you can get.

Find your desired installation location

Install your plug-in solar device wherever you can. We offer brackets for the balcony, flat roof or garden .

If you have the choice, you should make sure to adapt the production of your plug-in solar device to your consumption.

If you use a lot of electricity in the morning, you should try to orient your balcony power plant towards the east or southeast. If your consumption is more in the evening, a west or southwest orientation is probably particularly advantageous.

This is because you save more if you use the electricity you produce yourself, as it is otherwise fed into the public grid without compensation.

Although you would produce more electricity if you were facing south, if you don't use as much electricity as you produce at midday (when the sun is in the south), you are feeding your electricity into the grid for nothing in return.

Glass modules or light modules

If you are fully focused on performance, glass modules are the right choice for you. This is because the particularly light modules are made of plastic, which is not as translucent as glass.

The advantage of lightweight modules is, as the name suggests, that they are particularly light! Compared to a glass module (approx. 20-25 kg), they weigh only 1-2 kg and are therefore particularly easy to install. In addition, they can also be easily attached to places that would not support glass modules.

Do you need a bifacial solar panel?

Yes and no, it depends on your installation location. If you are installing the solar panels in a location where sunlight hits the back of the panel directly or indirectly, a bifacial panel may be worth it.

The additional space allows you to increase your electricity yield by up to 30% .

Are you an Ostrom customer?

If you are an Ostrom customer, you have the advantage of being able to integrate your balcony power plant directly into the Ostrom app. There you can see the production of your balcony power plant directly and adjust your consumption to the production. This increases your own consumption and therefore also your savings.

At the moment you can only integrate the Priwatt balcony power plants into the Ostrom app. In the future we will further expand the integration options.

You are not yet an Ostrom customer, but want to benefit from 100% green electricity at cost price and a digital app? Then find out about our electricity tariffs on !

Easy plug & play installation

You can easily assemble and operate your balcony power plant. All you need is a suitable socket into which you can plug your balcony power plant.

Let the sun work for you

Even though a balcony power plant cannot usually cover the entire electricity needs of a household, it still contributes to a significant reduction in the electricity bill.

Produce 100% green electricity

With a balcony power plant, you produce 100% green electricity and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

Interesting fact: A balcony power plant with 400 watts replaces the electricity generation of approx. 400 kg of coal per year ( source ).

A balcony power station is not enough for you?

Choose your solar system conveniently online and benefit from quality-tested installation by experienced installers from your region. Buy or rent? Both are possible, you decide!

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