Balcony power plants

Balcony power plants represent an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for using renewable energy in urban living spaces. Reduce your electricity costs and help protect the environment at the same time.

  • 1. Funding

    Find out whether there are funding programs in your state or city. This way you can save several hundred euros.

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  • 2. Order a balcony power plant

    Find the right balcony power plant for you and your budget. Choose between installation on the balcony or in the garden. Where the sun shines most.

  • 3. Register balcony power plant

    Register the balcony power plant within 30 days of installation. Quickly and easily in the market master data register!

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Matching storage

You are guaranteed to use your own solar power when you need it - whether day or night.

Simple plug & play concept thanks to 2-in-1 battery and DC distributor allows a 5-minute installation for any DIY enthusiast.

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Solar from Otovo

A balcony power plant is not enough for you? Choose your solar system conveniently online and benefit from a quality-tested installation by experienced installers directly from your region. Buy or rent? You decide!

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