Das Solarpaket I ist da: Das ändert sich jetzt

Solar Package I (Solarpaket 1) Is Here: What's changing?

The time has finally come! After a long wait, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat have passed the long-awaited Solar Package I. For all those who have been waiting to operate small solar power panels on their balcony, there are now some exciting changes that will make the whole thing even easier and more attractive.

In short:

  • Your inverter is now allowed to feed in 800 watts (no longer just 600 watts).
  • No need to register with the grid operator
  • Reverse-rotating meters (so-called bidirectional meters) are allowed — no waiting for a meter change
  • Legal certainty for standard “Schuko” plugs, now officially permitted.

More Power for Your Balcony

First of all, probably the most exciting innovation: you can now use even more solar energy! Your inverter can now feed up to 800 watts into the grid - previously it was only 600 watts. This means more green energy from your balcony, which you can either use yourself or feed into the public grid. More power, more impact!

No More Bureaucratic Hassle

There are also two major simplifications in terms of bureaucracy. Firstly, you no longer need to register your balcony solar panels with the grid operator. This saves time and effort. Secondly, registration in the market master data register (Marktstammdatenregister) will also be significantly simplified. Instead of twenty details, you only have to enter five — it couldn't be easier.

Technical Updates for Your Meter

There is also good technical news: Reverse-rotating meters, also known as bidirectional meters, are now temporarily permitted. This makes the use of your balcony PV system more flexible. It also makes it easier to use standard sockets (Schuko plugs) for the connection. This means that you can plug in your power panels practically like any other household appliance — simple and straightforward.

A Step Forward for the Energy Transition

The adoption of this package is a clear win-win for anyone who wants to switch to green energy. Not only does it make it easier to start using solar power, it also confirms that balcony power panels make a significant contribution to the energy transition, hopefully furthering adoption.

Let's Celebrate Together!

On 26 April 2024, the Solar Package I came into force. It has never been easier to own and operate a balcony power plant.

This is fantastic news for anyone who has been thinking about going solar for a while, or those of you who already own a small setup and want to upgrade.

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