BOSCH Smart Home Heizkörper-Thermostat II

Reduce your energy costs!

With intelligent radiator thermostats , small window sensors and other products you can optimize your energy consumption and save money. Everything controlled by the Smart Home Controller II.

  • Bosch Smart Home Controller II

    1. The headquarters

    The Controller allows you to use automations and control all of your Bosch Smart Home devices via the app.

  • 2. The thermostat

    The smart thermostats from Bosch (radiators and underfloor heating) let you optimize your heating times and save money.

  • 3. The extensions

    Use sensors to become even more efficient, keep an overview with cameras and control your Bosch Smart Home with Siri & Co.

Optimize your heating costs:

Create schedules for when you want to heat your home, or have your heating turn off automatically when you open the windows for ventilation. With these smart home products from BOSCH, you can keep your home warm when you need it, while optimising your heating costs - all automatically.

BOSCH Smart Home Zwischenstecker Compact

Control everything that needs an outlet!

With the BOSCH Smart Home Adapter Plug Compact, you can also make conventional electrical appliances smart and integrate them into your home automation. You can also measure the energy consumption of each device and identify secret power guzzlers.

To the product

Control your BOSCH Smart Home devices with Siri, Alexa and Google:

Bring the intelligence of Siri, Alexa and Google into your home and control your smart home with your voice.

Expand your Bosch Smart Home setup:

Protect yourself, your family and your home! Whether from fire, water or burglars. With the following products from BOSCH Smart Home, you can keep an eye on things, be warned and react immediately if something happens.

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