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Faster and smarter charging with your new wallbox!

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Wallbox + Smart Meter = save 35% (or 500 €)!

Get a free smart meter (normally up to 349.90 €) when you buy one of our Smart Charging bundles. A smart meter allows you to use our dynamic electricity tariff and our "Optimized Charging" function.

Optimized charging with Ostrom

Save up to 35% or 500 € per year with Smart EV Charging. Connect your wallbox AND your electric car to the Ostrom app and benefit from an optimized charging process. To use Smart Charging, you need a smart meter and our dynamic electricity tariff.

Check out our Smart Charging Bundles and get a free Smart Meter when you purchase a Wallbox.

The Ostrom app

Integrate more than 25+ car brands, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW and more into the Ostrom app. Monitor the charging status, activate or pause the charging process or use the "Optimized Charging" function - all in one app.

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