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go-e Gemini flex mobile Ladestation (11 kW) + Smart Meter

go-e Gemini flex mobile Ladestation (11 kW) + Smart Meter

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  • Bis zu 11 kW Ladeleistung, manuell von 2,3-11 kW einstellbar
  • App-gesteuerte Verwaltung und Monitoring des Ladestatus
  • Ladestation mit App oder RFID-Karten sperren und entsperren
  • Mit Integriertem Energiezähler Stromverbrauch messen
  • kostenloses Smart Meter (erlaubt die Nutzung von optimiertem Laden)

Wichtige Infos zum Smart Meter Bestellprozess:

  • Der kostenlose Smart Meter muss über ein separates Formular bestellt werden (wird nach dem Kauf des Bundles auf der Bestellbestätigung-Seite angezeigt)
  • Du musst Ostrom-Kund:in sein und in Baden-Württemberg oder Berlin wohnen.

    In stock

    Ordering process

    1. Order the Wallbox + Smart Meter Bundle

    2. You will receive a link on the order confirmation page to complete your Smart Meter order (the link will also be sent to you again by email)

    3. Your wallbox will arrive within 2-5 days. If you haven't found a wallbox installer yet, get an offer from our partner GetItDone.

    4. You will receive a suggested date for your smart meter installation

    5. You can confirm or cancel your appointment within 4 weeks

    6. After the appointment has been confirmed, it will take approximately 8 weeks until installation.

    7. Your smart meter is being installed. Installation only takes a few minutes. Please make sure you are at home and have access to the meter.

    8. Once the installation is successfully completed, the smart meter must still be stored in the network operator's system. As soon as we receive data from your inverter, we can switch you to our dynamic tariff and you can use the Smart Charging feature.

    Technical details

    Farbe: Weiß

    Größe (BxHxT): 155 x 260 x 110 mm

    Gewicht: 1,63 kg

    Schutzklasse: IP55 geschützt gegen leichtes Strahlwasser, geeignet für den Außenbereich

    Montagemöglichkeiten: Tragbare Ladestation

    Ladeleistung: 11 kW, 7,4 kW, 5,5 kW, 3,7 kW, 2,3 kW, konfigurierbar

    Anzahl der Ladepunkte: 1

    Stromstärke: 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 12 A, 13 A, 14 A, 16 A, konfigurierbar

    Spannung: 230/400 V

    Phasen: 3-phasig

    Ladeanschluss: Typ 2 Steckdose

    Kabellänge: -

    Schutzeinrichtung: DC Schutz

    Energiezähler: ungeeicht

    Zugangsschutz: RFID, App

    Statusanzeige: LED, App

    Internetanbindung: WLAN

    Integrierte Funktionen: Smartphone App

    Protokolle: OCPP, Modbus TCP

    Testsieger: Auto Bild

    scope of delivery

    Smart Meter

    Den Link zum kostenlosen Smart Meter Bestellformular erhältst du auf der Bestellbestätigungseite nach dem Kauf und per E-Mail.

    go-e Gemini flex mobile Ladestation (11 kW):

    1x Ladestation
    1x Wandhalterung
    1x optional montierbare DIebstahlsicherung
    1x Resetkarte
    1x RFID-Chip
    1x Kurzanleitung

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    Optimized charging of your electric car!

    With a smart meter and a dynamic tariff, you can use our Smart Charging feature. Integrate your wallbox AND your electric car to benefit from optimized charging. Charge your electric car only at the cheapest and most environmentally friendly times and save up to 35% (or €500) annually.

    Learn more

    Our dynamic tariff

    A smart meter combined with our dynamic tariff enables you to receive hourly, consumption-based billing at the current market price (plus taxes, duties and other procurement costs).

    Connect your electric car, charging station, smart home devices and solar system to the Ostrom app and benefit from the cheapest hours of the day!

    What is a smart meter?

    A smart meter is a meter that can accurately record and transmit your energy consumption in real time. Smart meters provide detailed and accurate information about your energy consumption. This data can be sent directly to your electricity provider. This means that your meter no longer needs to be read manually and you are billed according to your actual consumption.

    Requirements for a Smart Meter from Ostrom

    1. You must be an Ostrom customer.

    So if you are not yet a customer of ours, quickly sign an electricity contract now.

    2. Access to the current electricity meter/meter cabinet

    Without access to your current electricity meter, we cannot install a smart meter for you.

    3. Attendance during assembly

    You must be at home when installing the smart meter, otherwise the meter will not be accessible. If the installation is cancelled due to your absence, we will charge you for the costs

    4. Reception for data transmission

    Your smart meter transmits electricity consumption data to us via mobile phone. Therefore, you need mobile phone reception (4G) at the location of the electricity meter.

    Smart Meter Installation

    We work with Lackmann to install our smart meters. They take care of scheduling, installation and communication with the current meter operator. You can find out exactly how the smart meter installation works here:

    Collapsible content

    1. Complete your Smart Meter order

    Once you have completed your purchase in the Ostrom Store, you will see a link to our Smart Meter order form on the order confirmation page. Complete the order for your free Smart Meter there.

    The link to the form will also be sent to you again by email.

    2. Appointment

    We will send you a suggested date for installation. You now have 4 weeks to confirm or cancel this appointment.

    3. Appointment confirmation

    After you have confirmed the appointment, it will take about 8 weeks for installation.

    4. Smart Meter Installation

    The day of installation has arrived. Please make sure you are at home and have access to the current meter.

    5. Tariff change

    Your smart meter is now installed. The new data must now be sent to the network operator. It may take some time until your smart meter is stored in the network operator's system. However, as soon as the meter is registered in our system, we will switch you to our SimplyDynamic tariff and the savings can begin.