5 easy steps to your funding:

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Step 1: Are you eligible?

You are eligible for funding if you are a private individual and have your main or secondary residence in the city of Munich.

You can only apply for funding for yourself, so your name must be on the invoice.

You can find more information here: LINK

Step 2: Apply for funding

Very important: The funding must be applied for before the purchase!

You can easily apply for funding online in the funding portal: Munich funding portal

Here you can find all further information about the funding program: FKG Guidelines 2024 (from page 49)

Step 3: Buy your balcony power plant

After your application has been approved, you must purchase your mini solar system within one year.

Step 4: Register your mini solar system

As a new solar system owner, you only have to register your mini solar system in the market master data register.

Register with the Federal Network Agency here: www.marktstammdatenregister.de

Since April 26, 2024: Registration with a network operator is no longer necessary .

Step 5: Request a payout

To complete your project, the last step is to upload proof of use to the City of Munich’s funding portal.

You will need the following documents:

  • Copy of the invoice(s) of the entire plug-in solar device (including
    all relevant components: module(s), inverter, etc.
  • The completed and signed form “Self-declaration of
    Application point 5.4 Plug-in solar devices” ( go to form )

Here you can find the official checklist of the city of Munich: Checklist

Payment will be made 6-10 weeks after you have submitted proof of use and the application has been fully reviewed.

Good for the climate and your wallet!

Let the sun work for you! Your mini solar system produces climate-neutral electricity for you and thus reduces your electricity costs.

Easy DIY installation!

All sets from our partner brands come with premium brackets that are tailored to your desired installation location. This makes the solar modules easy and safe to install.

  • 1. Apply for funding

    The purchase of a mini solar system up to 600 watts is subsidized. You get 40 cents per watt, but a maximum of 50% of your investment costs.

    Apply for funding 
  • 2. Order a mini solar system

    Find the right mini solar system for you. Choose the right mount to attach it to your balcony or place it in your garden.

  • 3. Register mini solar system

    Register the mini solar systemwithin 30 days of installation. Quickly and easily in the market master data register!

    For registration 

Appropriate storage

Guaranteed to use the solar power you produce yourself when you need it - whether during the day or at night.

Simple plug & play concept thanks to 2in1 battery and DC distributor allows easy installation in 5 minutes.

To the storage

A mini solar system is not enough for you?

Choose your solar system conveniently online and benefit from quality-tested installation by experienced installers from your region. Buy or rent? Both are possible, you decide!

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