Produkttest des smarten Heizkörper-Thermostats von tado°

Product test: tado° radiator thermostat

Particularly since the energy crisis, it is increasingly important to pay attention to energy consumption. Not just to keep energy costs low but to also counteract climate change by switching to cleaner energy sources and using energy more efficiently. A smart radiator thermostat could be just what you need to control your heating automatically and optimize costs.

Here, we’re taking you through the tadoº Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+, the perfect introduction to the tadoº product range, available in our Ostrom Store, and to the world of smart heating!

The startup behind the product

tadoº was founded in Munich in 2011 and has made it its mission to help customers optimise energy consumption with its intelligent thermostats. The now 13-year-old startup has had plenty of time to prove the quality of its products and develop them further.

How do you install the smart thermostat from tado°?

The Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ includes the third version of the smart thermostat. With the various adapters included in the packaging, the smart thermostat can be attached to almost all radiators. You can find a complete list of all suitable radiators here: LINK

Installing the thermostat is pretty simple. The app guides you through the entire installation process and shows you each step. Simply scan the QR code on the device and you will be taken directly to the step-by-step instructions. The only additional thing you may need is a pair of pliers to remove the radiator valve. Anything else you may need should be included in the kit.

The first step is to connect the internet bridge to the internet. It is the centre of the tado° system and allows your radiator thermostat(s) to communicate with the tado° app — or the Ostrom App, of course. Connect it to a free LAN port on your router using the ethernet cable supplied. To ensure that the bridge is also supplied with power, you can either connect it to your router using the USB cable supplied or plug it into a socket using the plug provided.

If the bridge is connected to the internet, you can scan the QR code on your radiator thermostat and follow the instructions for installation. The installation only takes eight steps and should be completed within minutes.

What can you do with the tadoº Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+?

The Starter Kit allows you to connect the thermostat to the tado° app and use its many functions. The standard functions include:

  • Creating heating schedules
  • Precise temperature control from anywhere
  • Individual temperatures for each room
  • Integration with smart home assistants (Alexa, Siri and Google)

There is also a paid version of the tado° app with additional functions:

  • Transparent overview of your energy consumption
  • Monthly cost comparison
  • Automation with window open detection
  • Automation with geofencing

The paid subscription costs 3,99 € per month or 29,99 € per year.

Are you an Ostrom customer? Use the Ostrom App!

If you are an Ostrom customer, you can also connect your tado° smart thermostat directly to the Ostrom App and use the functions from there: control temperatures, set a heating schedule or simply turn it on or off remotely.

The Ostrom App allows you to connect several different devices such as an electric car or charger, or even a solar system, so you can always see all your devices in one central place and keep an overview of your energy consumption.

An awesome benefit we love to offer Ostrom customers, is rewards for referrals. For every customer you successfully refer to Ostrom, you can choose to receive 50 € Ostrom Store credit in your Ostrom Wallet (instead of the usual 35 € off your bill). You can use this when purchasing items such as tado° products from our Ostrom Store. That would mean a great discount on the Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+.

Get what you need for your smart and energy efficient setup in the Ostrom Store.

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